Silence Hides Violence

It is rightly said by Rebecca BurnsBeing abused in this manner is like being kidnapped and tortured for ransom but you will never have enough to pay off the kidnapper.”

Today I am gonna share the story of a lady who is very close to me.

A beautiful woman with a heart of Gold , always optimistic and spreading happiness all around but the storm inside her unknown to the world outside was hidden with agony and wail alongwith a drunkard………… After facing brutality in the darkness, the next day she used to prepare herself and weared a mask so that nobody knows what she had come about the last night. Her life was locked in between the brutality of darkness and the makeover for the succeeding day. She tried her level best to bring harmony in her relationship . She never even talked about the torture with her parents. She even not for a moment tried to seek help from anybody . For years and years, she faced the violence in the hope that someday things will get better. But all her hopes went in vain when her partner started beating her kids and threatened to stop their education. That day she was shattered and was disappointed. The ocean of pain and anger inside her grew deeper. After her husband, her kids were the only hope she was surviving on and now the question was about their future. If she didn’t took any step, her last hope will be over forever and if she will raise her voice maybe the society would question her but the seeds she had sown, the trees for whom each day she went through the violence will come out blossming. The dilemma she faced of choosing in between the society and people and her kids came to an end. And she finally, for the sake of her kids future, their education, she decided to live separately. But the man refused to separate her legally. She started living for her kids . She decided to take care of them single- handed . She knew it would be difficult but hopes never end. Each day in the eyes of her kids she use to figure out struggle, suffering, and uncertainity. She wanted to give her kids the happiness of the world and for that she stared doing compact works to earn a living but the income could only satisfy their primary necessities. She worked hard day by day and is still working hard… Although she stays separately but Horrors of her past still exist in her memories. When alone she asks to herself…Was she at fault somewhere? How would she manage the expenses single-handed? Why her partner being alive not taking any responsibility? Why he is nit legally separating her or legally adopting any of the kids and taking the responsibility?

The lady is legally still in the toxic marriage, in the noxious relationship which gave her nothing more than sadness and tears….

My question to you all is … What do you think the lady should do now? What should be her next step ? Maybe your postive response, your mindset could change her life, could help her with a positive attitude to choose the next road of her life.

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